Community Catchment and Stakeholder Mapping : CCASM

Bridging development projects to communities

Our aim is to provide a bridge for communities and infrastructure, policy and planning projects. 

Founders and directors Aidan Boswell and Kellie Ellis, combine their experience in GIS mapping, project management, marketing communications, stakeholder engagement, policy and planning to provide a one-stop-shop for location-based community engagement and consultation services, customised to meet the needs of your project.

By working with us we can literally show you WHERE your community thinks and WHAT your community feels and experiences. The options for community input are limitless and the benefits to your project and community are profound. 

Our services include:

  • Independent research studies
  • Data and submissions analysis
  • Community insight reporting
  • Safe Ways to School projects
  • GIS heat-mapping services
  • Social Pinpoint geo-surveying
  • Engagement methodology
  • Marketing communications
  • Graphic design and print services
  • Social media and digital engagement services
  • Website integration services

Aidan Boswell (BCom)

Founder & Managing Director, Programme Operations

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Phone: 021 827 833

‚ÄčKellie Ellis (MPP, NZPI member, IAP2 accredited)

Founder & Director, Stakeholder Liaison 

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Phone 021 271 6450 

Sharee Paterson

GIS Technician

Lynette Vanderspeck

Project Administrator

Jessica Judge

Marketing Consultant & Graphic Designer