Safe Routes

Road safety is a No1 reason why kiwi kids don't walk or cycle to school.  Prioritise safety improvements and promote a change to active transport.

Safe Routes : examples prove 'if you build it they will come'

Together we can reverse the decline of children walking and biking to school by creating safe walking and cycling routes that encourage more children to use active transport. 

Our research consistently shows us that parents and children want to walk and cycle to school, but Road Safety is one of the main barriers to making this happen. We use an interactive map powered by Social Pinpoint and engage with school communities, uncovering the physical challenges faced by parents and discovering infrastructure safety improvements that councils can consider in designing a School Commuter Network that can effectively service schools. 

We can map percieved danger hot spots, where students have experienced accidents and near misses, and align this with NZ Transport Agency data of officially recorded deaths and serious injuries (DSIs) for active transport users in the community. This analysis can provide valuable insight for prioritising future walking and cycling infrastructure investment. 

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