Safety Skills Practice

Parents are key to more kids on bikes. Support parents too reinforce bike handling and road safety skills outside of the classroom.

Safety Skills Practice : parents are the key to more kids on bikes

School education can take our kids a long way, but like any other skill regular practice is important for it to become embedded withiin our kids and parents play a key role here. 

Our work consistently shows us most parents want their children to walk or ride to school, but the majority still drive due to convenience and road safety concerns. More cars means more traffic congestion, exacerbating safety issues for kids around school grounds. Parents tell us the No1 way to encourage more active transport is to improve road safety and make it more convenient. We work to support parents by providing them with an opportunity to voice their concerns, ideas and opinions aimed at customising ways to make active transport safer and more convenient.  

Safe Ways to School promotes parent Walk/Ride Leader workshops, connecting schools with resources to help give willing parents the skills they need to 'coach' children with regular practice of  the bike handling and road safety skills they've learnt at school, out of the classroom. Parents can join their child to a regular Walking School Bus or Cycle Train, or use these techniques with their own children while commuting to and from school, or out on family weekend adventures. 

Click here for Cycling NZ Ride Leader workshops to support parents with older age children (capable of riding on roads). Please visit again as we identify more resources to support parents with younger children walk and ride to school via shared paths identified on Safe Routes.

Click on the buttons below to find out what we can do to help your school or family practice Road Safety Skills or to identify Safe Routes around your school.

Connecting schools with helpful resources from others:

  • Register your school for the Healthiest Schools Challenge HERE and promote active transport. 
  • A great example of an active transport incentive prog ‘iMove’ for kids and parents can be viewed HERE
  • NZ Transport Agency resources for how to set up Walking School Buses can be viewed HERE
  • Bike Ready ideas and resources for parents are available HERE
  • Connect with the Cycle Action Network in your region HERE
  • Example On Ya Bike campaign to share from Oamaru schools can be viewed HERE

Other helpful resources for parents and schools will be added to this site as we become aware of them.