Safe Travel Plans

Informing school Safe Travel Plans and providing tools to establish Park n Walk options, Walking School Buses and Cycling Trains.

Safe Travel Plans : planning towards active transport

Schools can lead the change in behaviour to reduce congestion at school gates and encourage safe walking and biking to school through parent input into the school's Safe Travel Plan.  

By co-creating safe environments in and around schools, and more convenient ways to encourage parents and children to walk and cycle more often, schools can play a vital role in reversing the decline of kids on bikes. We can work with schools and parents using our interactive online map to co-design improvements on school grounds (such as in Schools track or bike storage facilities) or out of school improvements for a Safe Travel Plan (such as road safety patrol locations, road markings for quick drop of areas, traffic calming measures to address speed). 

The Safe Travel Plan can help address dangerous driver/student behaviours identified, through engaging the Police or in-school/parent education campaigns. It can help the school to establish Walking School Bus and Cycle Train meetingpoints (with parents identified to become Ride/Walk Leaders), Park n Walk options for parents and other improvements for buses or car pooling.  These sorts of healthy school initiatives can also help your school acquire EnviroSchool status! 

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Connecting schools with helpful tools and templates from others:

  • NZ Transport Agency’s “co-ordinators guidance for developing Safe Travel Plans” which can be found HERE
  • The police have road safety guidelines for schools HERE
  • The benefits of active transport for promotion and Safe Travel Plan examples can be viewed in the ‘Model Community’ iWays Programme implemented in Hastings HERE
  • Promoting active transport can help your school to achieve Enviro School status. View HERE

Helpful resources and templates from other schools and Councils will be added to this site as we become aware of them.