What if you could see 'where' people think and what they experience?

Well, now you can...

CCASM is a specialist consultancy using Social Pinpoint and Arc GIS mapping technologies to visually show what communities think, feel and experience.  

Our team can support large or small infrastructure, policy or planning projects to virtually capture opinions and ideas from thousands of people across a targeted community. We then analyse the data to report the ‘essence’ of location-based community insights for project teams to use.  

An independent Community Insight Report can provide evidence to:

  • Visually map your communities concerns, ideas, experiences and needs
  • Help build political confidence and will for your future planning projects 
  • Support your business case with information for good decision making 
  • Provide a benchmark for ongoing measurement of behaviour change 
  • Empower your community to meaningfully participate in your projects 
  • Enable environmental projects for change towards sustainable outcomes 
  • Show visual representation of your community consultation in RMA hearings

CCASM provides a one-stop-shop for location-based community engagement and consultation, with independent analysis and report writing services customised to meet the needs of your project. The options to create community participation and achieve better project outcomes are limitless. The benefits to your organisation, your project and your community will be profound. 

We can literally show you WHERE your community thinks and WHAT your community feels and experiences - to bridge the divide and empower community participation. Anything is possible.

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